Our Youth Advisory Panel formed in 2021. It is made up of 7 dedicated young people aged 16-25. Members work with us to make a co-created programme of training and opportunities.


They also feed into our governance, attending meetings with our board of trustees, contributing to policies, and giving their say on all aspects of our programme.


The panel has created a strong community of young creatives here at Llantarnam Grange and is a space for learning, sharing experiences and skills, and gaining a better understanding of working in the arts. It aims to amplify young people’s voices and opinions within the organisation.


Through this, members get an insight into the range of creative opportunities they can pursue, as well as advice and support from our team in applying to further education, arts opportunities, or creative jobs.

Since forming, the panel has assisted in the curation and installation of our shows; gained experience interacting with the public and selling work at Craft Festival Cheltenham; helped to create our Curatorial Policy and Environmental Action Plan; and are currently working towards their own exhibition, with support and mentoring from our Exhibitions Officer, for 2024.


If you would like to join our Youth Advisory Panel get in touch with our Senior Engagement Officer Louise, on [email protected] to find out more and apply here!

“As practicing visual artists it’s always nice to know what goes on behind the scenes and how an exhibition properly goes together. In university you are taught bits and pieces of it, but to actually experience it for yourself is completely different.”  –  Jess, 24

“I feel like it’s helped with my art because you learn new skills and then I can use that within the projects that I’m doing.”  –  Rosie, 16

“The Youth Advisory Panel is one of the most important developments that we’ve had for the Grange. It links to the board because we want to create an opportunity for the young people to feed into what we do and for the board and for the staff to know what the youth of today are really thinking, and how they can help develop our future together.”

–  Elaine Cabuts, Chair, Board of Trustees