Our Curatorial policy outlines how people can get involved with our exhibitions programme, our hope is that it demystifies the behind-the-scenes of the art gallery and encourages more people to get in touch with us about working together.

This Curatorial Statement explicitly states how artists, makers, producers and curators can get involved in the Exhibition Programme at Llantarnam Grange, what that includes, and what to expect. It is important to stress that if you cannot find the information you want in this document, or want clarification on something, then please get in touch with us here and we will be happy to share our process with you.

Our programme at Llantarnam Grange is central to achieving our core aims and objectives, specifically:

1- We will provide opportunities for artists and makers from Wales and beyond

2- We will develop talent and deliver a learning programme for people of all ages to fulfil their potential, develop their skills and confidence

Aim of our Exhibitions Programme:

The Exhibition programme is designed to achieve a balanced programme both creatively and economically and with consideration of the increasing diversity of our audiences. The programme is developed in accordance with Llantarnam Grange’s high standards of governance to ensure the selection process is transparent. The aim of this policy document is to provide a clear summary of Llantarnam Grange’s exhibition activities, in particular outlining the criteria by which the programme is decided, and the way in which individual exhibitions are selected.

We aim to improve our knowledge about our audiences through market research and surveys carried out regularly during the year. The evaluation of each exhibition, as well as some key displays, is fed into discussions about future programming.

We aim through the various strands of our Exhibitions Programme to provide opportunities for artists and makers to present work that excites and challenges. We encourage our audiences to engage with the best work produced in Wales and beyond developing their understanding of the debates relating to contemporary practice through supporting catalogues, films and interpretation. We raise the visibility of makers and artists by touring exhibitions and engaging in collaborative projects with other galleries and venues. We also provide a retail platform for artists and makers to sell their work in our exhibitions, craftshop and online. We will develop the digital reach of our Exhibitions Programme through improved digital interpretation within the galleries, digital publications, increased use of film, participation in digital festivals, use of live streaming platforms for events and investigate the development of virtual exhibitions.

Exhibition Platforms:

Llantarnam Grange has several exhibitions spaces:

  • Gallery 1: We continue to be committed to excellence in our exhibitions programme, delivered through our exhibitions which focus on emerging and established artists. We exhibit 5 exhibitions per year which run for 8-10 weeks. More details on how we programme and how to apply for this space in the next tabs
  • Craft Showcases: In order to show a broad cross section of craft we highlight makers work in small showcases which are generally cabinet based within our Foyer. These run in parallel with Gallery 1 exhibitions. We select work from both open application and internal selection. The programme is usually agreed 12 months ahead. Our link for sending proposals is available here.
  • Gallery 2: Features a rolling programme of exhibitions and pop ups focusing on local artists, young people and community groups, with the intention of building a community art space. The time slots for Gallery 2 do not necessarily run in tandem with Gallery 1 and Showcases (they may be shorter or longer). Our link for sending proposals is available here.
  • External/ Projects: We welcome conversations and proposals that explore collaborative working outside of the above mentioned platforms. Please get in touch with us directly to discuss ideas.

The selection criteria for exhibitions and the overall programme are governed by the following factors:

Llantarnam Grange’s programme focuses on Craft, Applied and Visual Arts, but we are also interested in hearing from Artists, Makers, Producers and Curators who work outside of these forms but bring Craft and Applied elements into their work.

  • Llantarnam Grange is committed to presenting a broad selection of experiences and practices. We actively encourage applications from Artists, Makers, Producers and Curators of colour, Artists, Makers, Producers and Curators with mental and/or physical disabilities and Artists, Makers, Producers and Curators at the intersection of both.
  • Focus on contemporary practice
  • Encourage collaboration from external partners and groups, in particular those who have not worked with Llantarnam Grange before.
  • Reflect and attract a broad range of audiences in terms of age, social and cultural background
  • Both appeal to and challenge our audiences

Our internal selection panel, which meets every 6 months consists of:

Louise Jones-Williams (Director)

Savanna Dumelow (Exhibitions Officer)

And one additional person – which could be another member of staff, or independent practitioner. These meetings are chaired by Louise Jones-Williams and the decision of the panel is final. We endeavour to provide feedback for Artists, Makers, Producers and Curators but have limited capacity so this will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

The Llantarnam Grange Exhibitions programme is agreed 12-18 months in advance and is selected through a number of different methods:

  • Llantarnam Grange curated exhibitions (one person and group)
  • Artist applications
  • Hired exhibitions from other venues
  • Collaborative touring exhibitions with partners
  • Open call (advertised through our website, social media and partners such as our annual Portal Exhibition)
  • All proposals will be acknowledged and are considered first by either the Director or the Exhibitions Officer.
  • All proposals will be considered by our internal panel who meet twice a year to discuss proposals and is chaired by the Director.
  • We will contact you if further information is required and with the outcome of our consideration. Please note it may take up to six months for a decision.

Application Process

Applicants are encouraged to submit through this online form (paper forms are available on request). For your application you will need:

  • Written proposal – Maximum 750 words (please supply as a doc, docx, or PDF).
  • Curriculum Vitae – For each participating artist, maximum 2 pages each (doc, docx, or PDF).
  • Images – Maximum 10 images, or if applying for a group exhibition, please include 1-2 images per participant. Type: Jpeg, 1500 pixels on the largest side, 1MB maximum (to be submitted via WeTransfer or Dropbox)
  • Image List – title your image list as “[Exhibition title] – Image List”, and ensure it contains the following for each image: Filename; (e.g title.jpg), Title of work, Artist’s name, Year, Materials/technique, Dimensions (h x w x d; cms) – these can be approximate. (Supply your image list as a doc, docx, PDF, xls, xlsx)

We are always happy to discuss proposals, and would actively encourage a conversation prior to filling in an application form. Llantarnam Grange’s Gallery Plan is available for reference here.

For each exhibition Llantarnam Grange will provide:

  • Installation of exhibition (assistance from artist to be agreed in advance if applicable)
  • Public liability insurance to the value of £10,000,000
  • Promotion via website, social media and direct emailing list
  • Press opportunities
  • Gallery interpretation
  • Llantarnam Grange curated exhibitions generally are accompanied by a digital publication and may be packaged for touring opportunities, pending scope of the project.
  • Photographic documentation
  • Project Management
  • Artists fee of £400 for a solo presentation in Gallery 1, £150 for Gallery 2
  • Partial compensation for shipping (usually return of work at end of the exhibition, unless otherwise agreed)
  • Exhibition commission on sales (artists applying for exhibition may choose to have work for sale, or not for sale. Llantarnam Grange will be responsible for processing exhibition sales and arranging collection/shipping with purchasers. A 40% commission will be retained by Llantarnam Grange on any sales)
  • Llantarnam Grange will support any applications for financial support from Arts Council of Wales, or other funding bodies.

Your information and application will be processed for administration, marketing and charitable purposes in accordance with our Privacy Policy, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all related data protection laws applicable in the UK.

We will not share your application or personal details without your consent nor email you about our events, fundraising and activities unless you choose to hear from us. If you have any questions regarding the use of your data, please read our Privacy Policy

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