Our Billboard Gallery brings art outside the gallery walls. Located on the side of our building, it overlooks Cwmbran Centre and Glyndwr car park.


It was installed in July 2022 through funding from the Arts Council of Wales Cultural Recovery Fund.



Ffion Williams

Cymraeg Ddrwg is a new work by artist Ffion Williams that explores Welshness, protest, and hope. Through using Cymraeg (Welsh language) to explore identity and cultural belonging, Ffion experiments and plays with language, layering text and using their own method of creative translation.


“When using Welsh I make mistakes, miss mutations, and substitute English words to make my point. I call this Cymraeg Ddrwg (bad Welsh). Through this, I embrace language as an evolving tool for creation.” – Ffion Williams


There will be an opening event at Llantarnam Grange on Saturday 18 May 12 – 2pm, and the artwork will be on display until spring 2025.



Ffion uses sound, metal work and protest banner motifs to create work that investigates language, place, protest, and industrialisation. They use Cymraeg to explore their own complex and uneasy relationship with Welshness. As a minority language that was banned for over 500 years, many continue to feel the loss and frustration of this legacy.


For Cymraeg Ddrwg, Ffion interviewed people at the train station in their hometown Abergavenny, as part of Casgleb, a research and development project run by Peak Cymru. Through gathering thoughts about language and identity in a place of movement, Ffion gained an understanding of the various relations to Wales and Welshness. These were then translated into artworks, using snippets of text to layer experiences and opinions, creating paintings that reflect the commotion of the train station.


Through seeing language as something that is also in motion, and to play with, Ffion tries to remove the pressure that is often felt when learning. Their method of creative translation works to build confidence and make people comfortable to try, play and create with Cymraeg.


Ffion is an artist from Abergavenny who is based between Wales and Edinburgh. They studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art and exhibited in our annual graduate exhibition Portal in 2023. Their work is based around Welsh language and identity.



Alongside Cymraeg Ddrwg we will be running a series of free creative activities and workshops, including an Artist Talk on Saturday 18 May at 11am, sessions with local schools, workshops in collaboration with Peak in Abergavenny, and more.


Cymraeg Ddrwg is funded by Arts Council of Wales Create scheme and the Ashley Family Foundation.



Adéọlá Dewis and Catriona Abuneke

Dancing Outside Opens the Road was created by artist Adéọlá Dewi and photographer Catriona Abuneke for our Billboard Gallery in 2022.


Inspired by Cwmbran’s history of farming and its connections to the tin industry, this piece drew parallels to elements of the Yoruba deity Ogun, the West African god of iron, metal and metal work.


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