Winter Sun



This winter Llantarnam Grange will showcase a collection of contemporary artists and makers, whose work is influenced by the timeless beauty of Japanese aesthetics and craftsmanship.


Japanese crafts have a long rich history, with techniques and skills being passed down from generation to generation, with some dating as far back as the Heian period (794-1185). Hand crafted objects, at first born out of daily necessity, over time became increasingly aesthetic. Reflecting and celebrating the superior skill and quality of the shokunin (artisan) devoted to creating them. Many shokunin collected their materials in the summer months while farming, utilising what was available to them in their surrounding environment. It was then during winter, when snow fell and the temperatures dropped, that they would create their masterpieces.


Featuring work from: Akiko Ban – Mystic Forms; Anne McKenzie; Francesca Kay; Kaleidoscope Textiles; Mari Wirth; Matthew Jones Ceramics; Matthew Lintott; and more.


There will be an opening in the gallery on Saturday 12 November, 12-2pm, and it will run until the 21 January 2023.

Mari Wirth – Papercut