Abi Trotman, otherwise known as Tobacco & Regrets is an artist, scale-modeller and prop maker based in Barry, South Wales. Abi uses miniatures as a way to celebrate life. Her work is offbeat, often challenging and quietly subversive. You’ll find hidden messages, subtle narratives and intricate stories weaved throughout the scenes and pieces.

Abi’s work explores personal space and spaces; the intimate corners of our environments that communicate who we really are deep down. What our dirtiest or most sordid secrets are. What makes us so human. So flawed. So fascinating. Abi is interested in the people who live their lives with an air of unruffled, uncluttered, unfeeling perfection. She wants to see what really goes on in their brains and to know the things that they’re too scared to admit.

Abi not only creates fine art miniature scenes and dioramas but also celebrates people’s distinct identities, hobbies, favourite films, books or pastimes by rendering them in miniature flat-lays. She is available for commissions.

Abi Trotman