Inspired by the layers of texture and colours from The North Yorkshire Moors, Marna creates a mix of landscapes, portraits and floral still life, concentrating on texture and the feeling of the thread. Marna does not use the traditional technique of embroidery thread shading, she uses long and short stitches to create depth and form. Her works are often very random and give a feeling of a sketch.

The thread is a medium that is exciting because of its different textures and weights and these are selected specifically to create movement, energy and personality in every piece she makes, regardless of the subject. Marna studied Fine art at the Manchester school of art and the painting training she received is the basis of her technique in thread, using the thread and its complexities to create works of craft, full of colour and emotion. When Marna creates work with thread she approaches the piece exactly as if it were paint. She thinks about the layers, tones, values. Marna enjoys the mark making and textures that the thread brings and aims to mimic the brush strokes and paint textures she would usually build using oil paint. Marna mixes thread types like silk, wool, linen and cotton to help create depth and mood. The aim of the game is to create portraits that make you look twice, that make you want to reach out and touch them, that challenge your traditional expectations of portraiture and question materials, mark making and the tactile nature of both.

Marna Lunt