Modern Alchemy



An Alchemist is believed to hold the power to transform things for the better, often experimenting with new techniques, heating and mixing liquids in the pursuit of transformation and beauty. The jewellery artists and designers showcased in Modern Alchemy pour their passion and skill into the metamorphosis of metal, creating sublime wearable art for us to desire.


When Craft Festival director, Sarah James, proposed an exhibition of precious jewellery, we knew that we would have access to the finest jewellers in the UK. Through collaboration with Find A Maker, the jewellers chosen are pushing their craftsmanship to the next level, developing new techniques while keeping the traditional practices alive.

From lost-wax casting, contrasting oxidisation of metals, use of precious and unique gemstones, to stone carving, mark making, wire inlays and miniature drawings etched in brass. Each jeweller presents exciting techniques, some of which are self-developed and experimental. This exhibition melds together a beautiful range of inspirations and styles, allowing the jewellers to communicate with us through the language of metal.


Featuring jewellery from:

Ayshe Brandts, Barbora Rybarova, Cathy Newell Price, Daphne Kirnos, Gerlinde Huth, Kiya Corrales, Lauren Bell Brown, Lyndsay Fairley and Rebecca Burt.


There will be an opening in the gallery on Saturday 12 August 6 – 8pm, and the exhibition will run until the 4 November 2023.