Each year we work with young people in school years 5 -13 through our Criw Celf programme. Funded by the Arts Council of Wales, this provides children and young people with the opportunity to develop their artistic skills outside of the school environment and alongside professional artists.


This year our Criw Celf participants have worked closely with so many amazing artist makers to experiment with printmaking, drawing, embroidery, and so much more!


To celebrate their achievements we are showing a collection of their work in an exhibition in our foyer.

This year’s artists include:
Anna Barrett, Keith Bayliss, Vivienne Beaumont, Adeola Dewis, Rebecca Hammett, Lauren Heckler, Gethin Hinshelwood, Sasha Kingston, Becky Lewis, Jim Parkyn, Jack Skivens, Kate Mercer


There will be an opening in the gallery on Saturday 12 August 6 – 8pm, and the exhibition will run until the 4 November 2023