This Christmas at Llantarnam Grange a collection of delights will appear. Filled with folklore, tradition, warmth and celebration, a Welsh Christmas awaits.

Wales has long had a wonderfully rich history of traditions and customs. Midwinter will feature the story of The Grey Mare – Mari Lwyd, a tradition originating in South Wales.

During midwinter festivities, often between Christmas Day and Twelfth Night, Mari; a horse’s skull fixed onto a pole with a white cloak, sparkling bauble eyes and a mane of colourful streamers… will visit homes and exchange rhymes in order to be welcomed in for a night cap. Bringing good luck to the household for the New Year.

Showcasing contemporary craft with a twist, this show will also feature locally produced food and drink. Creating a Celtic ‘market’ atmosphere that shouts loudly about Wales and all of the brilliant, beautiful things it has to offer.